Home Harmonizers, LLC 

I offer a variety of consulting services through my small non-profit LLC. While I began with a focus on organizing home spaces -- hence the name -- my business has grown along with my understanding of what home really is. 

Since 2006, I've worked with individuals and families to create welcoming, people-focused home spaces. My business was built on my ability to make your space work for you. Now, I offer more services with the same goal: creating simple, elegant solutions to your unique challenges. 

Some of my newer services are well suited to businesses and non-profit organizations, including:

  • professional organizing for workplaces
  • project management (I earned PMI project management certification in 2012)
  • sustainability consulting (I earned an M.S. in environmental management in 2013,  and my LEED AP in 2009)
  • business website design and maintenance
  • editing and communications management

Get in touch to talk about what you need today!



I have some availability opening up in early 2017 for new projects. Contact me to discuss your project and your goals, and to determine whether my skills are a match for your needs:  elyria.little@gmail.com or (847) 721-1624.


My rates vary by project, and usually fall between $20 -  $45/hr. I use a sliding scale when consulting with non-profit clients, as well as clients facing financial hardship, including elders. As a non-profit LLC, I'm able to offer more flexible rates than many small businesses.