Home Harmonizers, LLC 

I offer a variety of consulting services through my small non-profit LLC.

Home Harmonizing: Since 2006, I've worked with individuals and families to create welcoming, people-focused spaces. My business was built on my ability to make your space work for you.

Web Design: While I began with a focus on organizing physical home spaces, my business has grown to include web design as well. Like Home Harmonizing, my web design services focus on creating simple, elegant solutions to your unique challenges. 

Sustainability Consulting: In our interconnected age, "home" means a lot more than just the buildings we live in, and so does Home Harmonizers. I've worked with non-profit organizations and utility companies to manage residential energy efficiency programs, create tailored reports, and collect and interpret data for multiple projects. I earned a Masters in Environmental Management and Sustainability from a business school in 2013, and I'm seeking opportunities to put that degree to use.

I work with individuals, families, businesses, and non-profit organizations. Get in touch today to talk about the challenges you face, and how I can help!



I have some availability opening up in early 2017 for new projects. Contact me to discuss your project(s) and your goals, and to determine whether my skills are a match for your needs:  elyria.little@gmail.com or (847) 721-1624.


My rates vary by project, and usually fall between $20 -  $45/hr. I use a sliding scale when consulting with non-profit clients, as well as clients facing financial hardship, including elders. As a non-profit LLC, I'm able to offer more flexible rates than many small businesses.