Home Harmonizers, LLC 


I offer expert organizing, decluttering, and consulting.

Organizing: Since 2006, I've worked with individuals, families, businesses, and non-profits to create welcoming, people-focused spaces. My business was built on my ability to make your space and your stuff work for you. I consult, and I also offer hands-on help for projects that would otherwise be overwhelming.

Decluttering: I make it easy to let go of the things you own when they're no longer serving you. Maybe you just inherited a house full of stuff from a loved one, maybe you've been struggling with an illness and fell behind. Whatever your circumstances, I'll help you develop a healthier relationship with the stuff in your life, and make sure it's working for you instead of the other way around.

Consulting: If you’re in the early stages of building your business, look me up! From entity formation (including 501c3s) to understanding the tax landscape as a small business owner, I have the experience to help you succeed. My clients are individuals, artists, small businesses, and non-profits. And I'm always up for custom projects. Send details via my contact form.

Editing: Detail-oriented editor with an eye on the bigger picture. Past projects include editing short fiction for anthologies, editing books of fiction and non-fiction, and editing academic research papers. I specialize in amplifying author's voices and giving your thoughts a little more punch. Need help editing or copy-editing anything from poetry to research papers? Get in touch today!



I have openings for new clients in the northern Ohio area and around the country. Contact me today to discuss your project and your goals, or answer three questions to  get your custom quote


No two projects are exactly alike, and neither are my rates. I use a sliding scale when consulting with non-profit clients, as well as clients facing financial hardship, including elders. Get a custom quote for your project today by answering three quick questions.