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Fair Warning -- The TMI Section


My partner, Michelle Belanger, has quietly inspired me to be radically open about who I am. Sometimes, being yourself is revolutionary. I don't expect you, reader, to agree with or intuitively understand everything I share below, nor do I expect you to share all of my interests. I do ask that you read with an open mind, and feel free to ask me questions if you have them. If my openness helps even one person feel more at home in the world, and less like an outcast or a freak, I'll count this a choice well made.

First, let me be clear about my intent here. I have an interest in being personally transparent, direct, and accessible. There's too much violence and baseless hatred against the groups I identify with to make silence a viable option for me. Honesty is not a problem in our country: fear is. Many of us fear what we don't understand, so I'm all for bringing alternative identities into open, respectful, honest conversation. 

So here it is: I'm polyamorous, transgender, and kinky. That means I'm open to multiple loving relationships (polyamorous), although I'm not looking for additional partners right now. I identify as neither male nor female, but as agender (which I put under the transgender umbrella in the sense of transcending gender, not transitioning). I'm in a power & energy exchange relationship (lo, tis a kink!), and it helps keep me focused on the things that really matter to my partner and to me. I'm happy to have a conversation about these identifications. If you're interested, please ask!


And... here's a poem, for those of you who dared to read this far!

Thank you.


she never lost her hair

in the dream

my mother is upset.

she is losing her hair.

she brushes it but long hanks

come off and stick in her brush.

she puts on a bright bandanna.


i can fly, and i can carry her, so

together we soar over the bridge, over water,

to a sheltered vale in the mountains.

we grin at each other, we laugh

at how limitless we are.


she is tiny. she is frail,

but i feel her strength.


have we come full circle, now?

now my turn is here.

i cradle her, too dear for words,

we feel no fear

of falling or of death.


death has already visited us,

and still we find time

to fly, in my dreams.


i read her journals.


my life 

still twines with hers,

with the long strands of her silver hair

that hide, mischievous,

in a sheltered vale in the mountains, and

beneath my pillow.


Copyright Elyria Little 2015